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Even a child being ordered to eat cake may not enjoy it.

Such was apparently the case when these kid actors were told --horrors! They seem smart, yet totally oblivious to how lucky they were. " Any more-seasoned actor (or singer) would smack these kids upside the head for such navet.

Yes, this is a true story, when thinking of the WB/UPN sci-fi drama, Roswell. First, as always, let's discuss the positives: What Went Right? Praised by many critical sources at the time, including Techtite.com, this series concept was unique, inspired, and best of all, very promising.

A young high school girl, Liz Parker, is shot by a stray bullet at her family's restaurant, yet is healed by a secretive student that goes to her school.

After all, it's one thing to put pen to paper and lick a stamp; it's another thing entirely to purchase thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce and have them shipped to a Hollywood office in droves. None of the cast had ever worked in a long-term TV series as a lead star.

There's any number of TV series which would bend over backwards to have the type of loyal fans this series had. Some had done guest starring work (Jason Behr was in one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), though nothing long term.

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They must deal, in their own special way, with discovering their origins, honing their latent special powers, as well as dealing with adolescence itself.Consider a final-season online chat with Majandra Delfino, where a fan asked her how she felt about being renewed for a third season after being oh-so-close to cancellation; "I tried not to think about it" was her answer.It seems like many of the stars thought this would be a one --or at best, two-- season deal, and had no idea it could last as long as its producers (or its fans) wanted it to. "Bummer." To be fair, it is no picnic whenever someone is told what to do.Below I have reposted an article that was written by an ameture tv critic, giving his ideas for what went wrong in the final season of Roswell that caused it to be cancelled.

A few fans have found this article online and written to me, very upset by it, so I wanted to post my rebuttal. An Analysis Column, by Techtite The current entertainment product discussed is: Roswell (TV series, WB and UPN networks, 1999-2002) After an understandable hiatus --after the tragic events in Sept.All three, for that matter, have very "alien" appetites, leading to their overuse of Tabasco sauce on all their food.This could have led to an amusing, modern spin of the classic Bewitched/"I Dream of Jeannie" magical tale...though sadly wasn't taken as far as it could have been.She could also melt taco cheese with only a wave of her hand, listen to a music CD just by holding it to her ear, and turn a bottle of ketchup into her favorite other condiment, and back again.

Katherine and Jason met on the set of 'Roswell,' where they portrayed alien siblings.… continue reading »

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While behind the scenes buzz was very hushed, it was severely hinted in season one that Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr were dating in real life. By as early as season two, no scene with them together could hide the truth; Behr and Appleby did not get along at all. Behr, during an AOL chat in February 2001, put it as nicely.… continue reading »

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