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10-Jul-2017 04:10

Shannon: You know what, it's basically that I don't know that the things I said to him at that point were actually coming from the heart.

I was pretty emotional and I was very tired and I think my emotions were coming out.

However, after failing to establish a lasting connection with Jason -- and despite some last-minute pleading -- Shannon was eventually eliminated along with three other bachelorettes during last week's broadcast of the ABC reality dating show.

On Monday, Shannon talked to Reality TV World about how she went about gathering her obscure facts about Jason, why she was not close to being as obsessed with him as it came across on the show, and why her The Bachelor experience ended with a self-described "Happy ending" despite her elimination.

Even though I said all of those things to him, did I really feel?

It looked like I did feel them, but I really don't think that I was feeling them.

There's been rumors that people go on the show for publicity and to furthered their career in acting, or whatever the case may be.

With Jason, I do feel that it was hard to connect with him in that setting. Either he just didn't say a whole lot, I felt like a lot of the talking was something that the females had to do to him and I didn't really feel like he gave much back.

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Reality TV World: Actually it's funny you mention the thing with conversations with him, because Megan also said that she felt every conversation [Jason] had with many of the women seemed the same and that he never really opened up very much -- would you agree with that? Like that last night I was there it was awkward to me.What’s worse for Mesnick –- but good for ABC -– is that more than 17.6 million tuned in to watch Melissa get the shaft on the “After the Final Rose” special, making it the most-watched in the franchise’s seven-year history. “Is your arm sore from handing out and taking back roses? In an interview with The Times on Tuesday afternoon, Mesnick explained that he had, in fact, ended his relationship with Rycroft on the phone a week before the taping.“If you watched carefully, she wasn’t wearing her ring,” he said.I don’t know if the public expected me to just pretend like I’m in a good happy relationship. Because that was the other option, but never a real option for me.