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15-Apr-2017 04:46

" Absolutely.'"In Marie Claire's cover story ahead of the film's premiere date, former HBO CEO Chris Albrecht weighed in on the salary disputes.

"When you're keeping people for years, you have to continue to pay them more money," he said.

“He wasn't supposed to say a line because if you are sort of basically an extra you get paid a certain amount, but if you say a line you get more money - and of course he said a line,” she said. I thought to myself, 'wow I have 19 hour days on this series, I have weekends where I finish at Saturday morning'.

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"I never asked for any money, I never asked for any projects, to be thought of as some kind of diva is absolutely ridiculous." "I was working with an actor and we were doing the scene and he is on top of me and then he collapsed and then he farted," she explained.

"Maybe they could make it an African-American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones, or bring in another character." "I will be the one in the audience cheering them on," she added.