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He caused controversy when he started his own new age religion, Full Circle, last year. He was cautioned and tasered in 2011 for becoming aggressive after police asked him toturn down music and was also allegedly questioned for selling Kombucha without a permit earlier this year. star begins her multiple-episode run on the CBS drama on Monday playing Jenna Kaye, a CIA agent visiting from Langley, Va.His best known role since 10 things I hate about you has been playing Charlie Eppes in Numb3rs.He has also appeared in Law & Order, ER and for the past year has played Josh Mariner in The Good Wife.

She followed this up with more teen roles in Bring It On and She’s All That before managing to move in adult roles in, City of Angels, Bad Boyz 11 and Ugly Betty.

"The thing is when it comes to romance with one of the leads, I kind of hope not.

I really like all of their romantic story lines so far.

That’s so retarded and disrespectful to your body and the drug itself.

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Mushrooms, acid and ecstasy can offer you a new perspective.’Oleynik was already well known for appearing in The Secret World of Alex Mac when she landed the role of Bianca in the film.He married The Young and the Restless actress Vanessa Britting in 2010 and they have a daughter called Pemma. He was awarded an honoury degree in maths from Lake Tahoe collage for his role on Numb3rs.In 2011 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to undergo a radioactive iodine treatment.Despite controversy surrounding his will which had not been updated to make a provision for his daughter it was finally agreed that his entire estate be left to her. He was a chess progidy growing up and won Western Australia’s junior chess championship at the age of 10.