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29-Jun-2017 20:59

The law firm responded by sending a second letter and ledger providing more details about the charges. The debtor replied with a letter explaining that there was no support for the beginning balance or the subsequent fines and that the debt was still disputed as to those amounts.Such notice would allow the person to determine that he is, in fact, not the debtor the collector is seeking.

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Another exception is that the agency may notify you if the debt collector or the creditor intends to take some specific action. A debt collector may contact a person other than the debtor only to discover or verify the debtor's location. Under § 1692g(b), if a consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within thirty days of receiving the § 1692g(a) notice that he disputes the debt or any portion of it, the debt collector must stop collecting the debt, or the disputed portion of the debt, and obtain verification of it and mail that verification to the consumer. (FDCPA), creating the most consumer-friendly verification standard ever. In response, the law firm provided verification in the form of an accounting ledger showing the amounts comprising the total and a letter generally explaining the charges.