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For Lacan's conception of the phallus see 'The Signification of the Phallus,' in Jacques Lacan, Ecrits: A Selection, trans. In Greco-Roman tradition, a similar union of the phallus and the word was provided by the most significant figure in Western culture, the god Hermes, who was also 'messenger of the gods' and 'the giver of discourse.' See John P. Richardson, Lacan and Language: A Reader's Guide to 'Ecrits,' New York: International University Press (1982): 349-350.' (Graziano F, Divine Violence: Spectacle, Psychosexuality, and Radical Christianity in the Argentine 'Dirty War,' Westview Press (1992): 161)For the reader who may not have noticed, Politkovskaya's murder was commited on Putin's birthday.

In this New York Times article, we take a look at the psychoanalytical aspects of Putin's statement on Islamic circumcision: 'His gaffes have become a small canon. Two years later, at a news conference in Brussels, a French reporter asked him a pointed question about Chechnya. Putin suggested that the reporter might want to become a radical Islamist, and invited him to Moscow for a circumcision, saying he could recommend a procedure so that nothing would grow back.' (Chivers CJ, A Journalist's Revelations, in Life and in Death, New York Times, Sunday, October 15, 2006, The World, p.

The grammatical structure of Nakh-Dagestani languages may be compared with samples of Korean Yukchin dialect, as well as Archaic Chinese equivalents.' On Death From the point of view of the executioner, in 'The Black Book' (the Freeley translation): 'Though a man might approach the hour of his death wailing and sobbing and choking and begging as snot ran from his nose, he could do nothing to shake the executioner's resolve.

He was not like those idiots who thought condemned men should exit the world with famous last words or some grand flourish that would live forever in history and legend -- or despised them if they didn't -- nor was he immobilized by pity upon seeing their histrionics, like those of other idiots who had yet to comprehend life's random ruthlesness.' (Love, Death and Cockfighting, New York Times, Sunday, October 15, 2006) Personally for me.

One would have to go back and study this history to be more qualified to comment on it than myself.The 'dirty war' castrated its authors, it cut off the signifier of its desired power, it reversed the results it strove for, That process was patent in 'dirty war' mythology, where the means by which the Junta empowered itself with the 'magical object' (picana-phallus) and the means by which it brought on itself a tragic demise were one and the same.' (Graziano, op cit, p. Sollten wir dulden, dass Kinder umgebracht werden oder Jungen abgefuerht, gefoltert und gebrochen werden, um dann an ihre Familien zurueckverkauft zu werden, tot oder lebending?163) Compare Graziano's corpus reipublicae mysticum with an article in the same New York Times, mentione above: 'Democrats Have Their Fervor, but G. Should we bear that children are killed or boys are exhausted, tortured and broken, in order to then be sold back to their families, dead or alive?Whosoever has the phallus, whoever wields the (picana[italics]) (the 'magical object' of the myth[61], whoever controls the picota exercises the sovereign power it affords, until he or she in turn is destroyed or the empowering instrument is usurped or neutralized by another.

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