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Look for a serial number stamped on the inner workings of the watch and write down this number.

Set the case back on the watch and line up the notch with the watch case.

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In 1832, Auguste Agassiz began selling etablissage-produced watches under the name "Agassiz & Compagnie" and was particularly successful selling those watches in North America.

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It was a time of rapid change throughout the world, starting with important progress in many areas, as well as an incredible degree of freedom for artists, and of course stylists too.

These include A brief history and some of the serial numbers that some of the companies have used throughout the years.

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Are Grandparent names but many generations of John dating back to the 1500s in. The sunray blue dial of the #Longines Master Collection Blue Edition shows the.… continue reading »

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Longines - Serial Numbers indicating Production Dates. Go to Brittons Watches Home Index page American.… continue reading »

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