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26-Feb-2018 13:51

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I wait for someone who would jump through the fences to be with me. Not all ukranian brides that you can see on this dating site but me!

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One day, when Federico was singing "Nel Mio Mondo" to his fans, Ludmila and Naty walked by.

After Federico left, Camila and Naty came back and took the camera.

They watched the video on Camila's i Pad and they noticed how Ludmila froze around Federico.

When Federico and Ludmila are close to each other, Ludmila becomes a different person, someone who's a lot nicer and kind, and Federico often tries to show everyone the Ludmila he sees.

In Season 2, Episode 78, they share their first kiss and Ludmila finally starts to change - this time for real. Also I want my soul mate to be a joyful person, to love the life and to be eager to share its pleasures with me.I don't like doing nothing that is why I always try to make myself better, to develop my skills in everything, i like to become a highly moral woman, who knows what she wants and she is ready to get it. That was the first time Ludmila showed that she liked Federico.