Men dating young women

21-Feb-2017 09:35

I am a living testament that of dating women 10-20 years younger in the West.However, the grass is greener in countries that are more conducive for a large age gap between men and women.

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This cultural sentiment is a by-product of the West’s assault on masculinity.

It is essential for older men to highlight these qualities that come with age.

These qualities can be expressed both verbally and through demonstration of strong body posture.

Spend your hard-earned money and stylish, fitted clothing that accentuate your fit body. The goals here is to play up the established, successful gentleman who has a sense of style.

A lean, fit, sophisticated look will set you apart from 95% of the men in your age group.

Always lead the interaction and set the tone that you are in control and she must follow.

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