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09-Jun-2017 20:40

Kik, the chat app that’s hugely popular among teens and young people in North America, is finally adding video chat to its service.

Rather than straight up person-to-person video calls like Apple’s Face Time, Facebook Messenger or the recently introduced Whats App feature, Kik has added a less intrusive video chat option for its 300 million-plus registered users, with support for groups of up to six.

Kik said video chat had been the number one most-requested feature from its userbase.

Kik has had its head down focused on chat bots this year — it introduced its bot store in April and claims over 20,000 bots have been created — but now Livingston said the Canada-based startup will “spend a lot of time working on the core messaging experience.” It isn’t immediately clear what that means — the Kik CEO didn’t elaborate further — but you can imagine more multimedia and the introduction of features like payments may be on the cards in 2017.

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Noise is rarely a problem for my images so I can very happily live with GREYCstoration if I need denoising.

By the way, this options is currently only working in the command line version.

The result is good, although it is possible to do better: To get the “better option”, I opened the original image in The Gimp, desaturated it (using Luminance) and picked “color to alpha” to have the white parts of the image transparent.

I am really happy with the final result: Compared to Noise Ninja: Final Word It is good to see that OSS delivers a very good result, comparable to what commercial software offers.

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However (and as often) it is lacking a bit of polish as it takes quite some time and more operations to get that result.I saved that as PNG – I have to do this part in The Gimp since I haven’t found the “color to alpha” or equivalent in Cinepaint.I opened the two files (PNG and denoised one) in Cinepaint and added the PNG as a new layer on top of the denoised file – with a transparency value of 0.60. Because the noise channel makes the whole image a bit darker, I tweaked the curve to give more light in the darkest parts of the image since they are the most affected by the luminance noise that was re-added.Check that the result image (in this case) is saved and then “Q” will quit.

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