Nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm

12-Nov-2017 11:14

The popular reality show expanded through its global edition where celebrities from Korea, Japan and Taiwan are being paired.

According to Yahoo, MBC reached a deal with Sony Pictures for the international version of variety show.

"It is time to reorganize and we are preparing a pilot program," a network insider said as per Soompi.

The source went on, "One consideration to result from this process was cancellation of a long-running program.

Previously, the integrity of "We Got Married" was put on the line when previous cast members got involved in dating scandals amidst filming for the show.

Despite past issues and recent cancellation rumors, "We Got Married" is still one of the most watched weekend programs as of yet.

For the first season of "We Got Married" global edition, 2PM's Taecyeon was paired with Taiwanese singer Emma Wu, while FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki married Japanese actress Mina Fujii on the program.

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The MBC program matched four couples for their pilot episode which was released in February 2008.

Catch your favorite couple on the MBC show every Saturday at p.m.

Aug 2, 2013. Nichkhun's POV After We Got Married with Victoria-ssi we've never met again. We just met by chance in variety shows. I really miss her, even if it's just three months when We Got Married ended with us. I will never forget how we laughed together and made lots of other things. And I will never ever forget the.… continue reading »

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After WGM Khuntoria ke spot sering pake cincin bvlgari yang dimana itu masih jadi misterius, apakah itu cincin dari Nichkhun? Atau dari Vic? Atau cuma kebetulan mereka pake? Entahlah, yang jelas Vci yang pertama kali ketaun pake after WGM dan gx lama baru Nichkhun. 430263871 53. Waktu WGM udahan tanggal.… continue reading »

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Dec 20, 2012. Luckily his effort din't wasted, for example, during WGM, we saw that the 4 MCs in the studio give attention to Nickhun only, like ” wow the girl was so lucky to hold hand with Nickhun!” “wow wuli nickhun ssi so handsome.” “waaa how happy is Victoria?” but after a few months, they found the charm of this girl.… continue reading »

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Jan 18, 2015. 3. +45, -8 I swear, it's always the Chinese fans who still believe all of these delusional WGM ships even when they're dating someone else. How dare they terrorize a concert with their delusional ship? It's such a selfish thing. Nichkhun needs to wake up and stop feeding that. 4. +25, -0 He's in a public.… continue reading »

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Nov 29, 2012. MBC releases a special feature video of 2PM's Nichkhun and fx's Victoria. After exchanges a few words, Nickhun places his hand on top of Victoria and has a bit of trouble getting out of the car before forcefully kissing Victoria. Fans commented on the video with comments such as, "Khuntoria is back?… continue reading »

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Apr 6, 2014. So I just rewatched Khuntoria WGM and also their appearances together in Radio Star and hosting in MBC after the show. Even though their WGM is from 2009, it's just so heart wrenching seeing them fall for each other and just leave because their busy schedules and what-nots. For all those who watched.… continue reading »

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