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11-May-2017 08:11

Answer could be because of stale cache information or corrupt OST file. The only way that I could get the GAL to update is by not running outlook in cached mode, but once its been turned back on, back comes the old, and incorrect data.

So, can you create a new profile in online mode and check if that resolves your issue, Also if you can download the address book - check for errors I checked the default Global Address List and everything there is up to date. If you can think of anything else I can try, I am open to suggestions. Im not sure if this is a viable solution for you, but it works and in my situation, a smaller company it seems to be working fine (just getting the people to actually read the email and adjusting the settings on their clients seems to be more difficult).

Key: All Users or any other object type such as All Contacts, All Groups or All Rooms.

Full OAB download threshold To modify the threshold at which Outlook will download the full OAB rather than the incremental update, you can set the following Registry value Key: As the value, set at which relative size a full OAB download should take place rather than an incremental update.

It is only the autofill that shows the wrong alias. I have no idea why they would do that, but considering everything else I have encountered, this really does not suprise me.

If you have any other ideas, they are certainly welcome.

Use Cached Exchange Mode but without OABTo always work with the Online Address Book, even when you have Cached Exchange Mode enabled, you can set the following Registry key and value.This is called the Offline Address Book and is being generated on the Exchange server.Due to various synching schedules, it can take up to 48 hours before you could actually see a change in Outlook after a modification has been made on the Exchange server or in Active Directory.The process of updating and distributing the OAB is achieved by the following two schedules.