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Across the kitchen, Julie is talking about her elderly friend with dementia who wants to die so she’ll be reunited with her husband, and who frequently recruits friends to come to the closet and help her pick out an ensemble, to wear in death, so she’ll meet her husband looking good. It’ll be a kind of bliss, a universally shared hard-drive, a community of omniscience. * * * * January 4, 2016 Sleepless night, disorganized day. * * * * John Donne: “Affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it.” * * * * January 5, 2016 Cheating forward some sympathetic views of character in the latter scenes.

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Why are these people behaving so badly, so weirdly, if not coerced by “fate”? The accidental-pregnancy chapter I took so much trouble in adding to the Assistant has now been deleted. The stock market faints in fear whenever petroleum price-per-barrel twitches.December 31, 2015 The accidental-pregnancy scene in “Assistant” improves, via indirection, and via removal of late-added rank schmaltz. (Been lying around for a year or two.) Limbed the thriving mulberry that has started shading out the solar panels. Firecrackers and sparklers and rockets are this village’s favorite thing. – But at least I went down and, via lever-and-fulcrum, lifted the sections of trunk and rolled them on forest floor, So keeping them from turning to punk too fast. On the radio is news-story of a certain village in Germany: it has always loved its Neu-Jahr fireworks.My response to this (oddly emotional) news, here in a faraway foothill solitary house where I can be no material help to anybody: I find myself setting aside a plastic produce bag – on the drainboard for rinsing/drying/reuse, rather than throwing it in trash. First time for everything.) * * * * January 3, 2016 Sunday morning.

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