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I’ve written two blog posts about this topic already (here and here).

Let me first summarize what I think are notable points in these studies. In that paper, they said that the Philippines was populated mostly via Austronesian expansion (~5 000 years ago) but they found out that there is also an ancient lineage that links the Filipinos to people in Near Oceania and Australia (whose founder age they estimate to be ~47 000 years ago). DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msp215 [2] Delfin F, Salvador JM, Calacal GC, Perdigon HB, Tabbada KA, Villamor LP, Halos SC, Gunnarsdóttir E, Myles S, Hughes DA, Xu S, Jin L, Lao O, Kayser M, Hurles ME, Stoneking M, & De Ungria MC (2010).

He would not give any details on possible negotiations with the kidnappers, including whether there was a ransom demand, citing government policy and saying that 'public comment never helps in finding a solution' in such cases.

Abu Sayyaf claimed in November that its gunmen had kidnapped Kantner and killed a woman, believed to be Kantner's wife, Sabine Merz, sailing with him off neighbouring Malaysia's Sabah state.

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Most Philippines Addicts threads include in depth questions and answers containing photos, videos, current prices for all clubbing and travel related items, philippines nightlife, restaurants and travel activities, tips on shopping, traveling to other Philippine Island destinations plus loads of other useful Philippines Nightlife and travel information.Authorities are trying to confirm whether or not Jurgen Gustav Kantner had been killed by the notorious Abu Sayyaf group.The brief video was circulated on Monday by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi websites It shows Mr Kantner, 70, sitting in a grassy clearing and saying 'Now he kills me' shortly before a masked militant beheads him with a curved knife.Villagers later found a dead woman on a yacht with the German flag, off Laparan Island in Sulu province, in the southern Philippines. and the Philippines have blacklisted as a terrorist organization, is holding more than 20 mostly foreign captives and local hostages in jungle encampments in the country's south.