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27-May-2017 19:10

Risk is reduced even further when the following qualifications are met: Risk of transmission varies with viral load, which is entirely unique to each individual.Consistent and correct condom usage is key to lowering transmission risk in mixed status couples, regardless of viral load.

Do you have any advice on how I can meet others with HIV that might actually want a serious relationship or am I just kidding myself? You will find that dating with HIv is the same as without it. Two sites that stand out are Serodiscordant Dating Also, keep your options open.

Dear Alice, I recently began dating a guy who is HIV positive.

I know how it is transmitted and the risks involved, but I was wondering if there are any statistics out about being infected in my similar situation.

Chris O’Hanlon can talk about his HIV status with good humour now – knowing that effective treatment means he can’t pass on the virus.

‘There is still so much stigma out there that needs confronting, especially in the gay community,’ he said.

How high are my chances of contracting it if we are careful?

Jan 24, 2017. But as a single heterosexual woman, I have the added challenge when dating of convincing men, who are often just as naive as I used to be, that they can be intimate with me. It feels like I have to twist someone's arm to see past my HIV viral load. You can sleep with me, I swear! is not the greatest pick-up.… continue reading »

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What I've learned dating HIV-positive guys'. 2016-01-18. The first time I knowingly slept with someone with HIV I was 23. The boy was 20 and he told me drunk on the night bus home. He fitted an ignorant man's HIV stereotype he was a ketamine-sniffing rentboy, living with a sugar daddy in West Hampstead. When I asked.… continue reading »

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Jun 30, 2015. The Adventures of a HIV Positive Guy Trying to Date in New York City.… continue reading »

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