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A simplified schematic of the optical path is below: A red LED is used to provide the brightfield light; technically a blue LED would be better (because blue is a smaller wavelength and therefore provides a higher resolution), but would make things a bit messy when I integrate fluorescence later on.

The LED light hits the sample and scatters from it; the objective collects the light and needs a 200 mm lens (f1) to correctly collimate the light.

While the physical microscope is still in the works, I managed to make some serious progress in writing software for it!

I’ve always been surprised at how expensive professional microscope imaging software is, and how *repetitive* the tasks are for it. you just need a ‘count number of particles’ button, a ‘calculate intensity’ button, ‘calculate area’, and so on…

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And now its time to show some neat processing sketches I’ve been working on!So we’ve got a resolution of around a single micron on this microscope — enough to make microspheres and most cells visible as blobs.Right now I’m working on adding a green laser to the optical path for fluorescence microscopy, and figuring out a way to reduce the cost of the microscope.Most of the magic happens in the objective — and those are readily available from the optics supplies like Thorlabs or Edmund Optics.