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14-Aug-2017 05:27

Hope and Anchor also hosted pre-punk bands playing what was called pub rock, including a group led by Joe Strummer, the 101ers.The pub's Facebook page lists upcoming shows, and today's audiences aren't likely to be hit by flying sheets of spit ("gob" as the Brits call it) the way they were in the early punk era, with fans gobbing at performers and musicians spitting right back.I looked in vain for signs of Strummer's anti-establishment vibe, but all I found was a bustling market selling knickknacks, clothing and antiques while passers-by peered at their i Phones.

A Punk Weekender scheduled here for July 9 and 10 features music, prose and poetry as part of London's 40-year anniversary celebration.

Today it¿s on Talbot Road, filled with vinyl and CDs, its walls and ceiling adorned with posters featuring The Clash and Sex Pistols, among others.