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He has his reasons: presumed dead in the American War of Independence after being conscripted for brawling, Poldark returns home to find his father deceased, the family estate in penury and the love of his life betrothed to his cousin.

It’s another cad role for Farthing, after his recent appearance in The Riot Club.

In Quebec, we are not allowed to drop our maiden names, but it's acceptable to hyphenate our married names.

I gathered that he was not a fan of Sesame Street."From Dawn Epstein: "I worked for Centronics in the late 70s to early 80s, and we had an electronic parts representative whose name was D.

PS: My last name is Friday, and when I was born, the nurses in the hospital tried talking my Mom and Dad into naming me "Tuesday Friday," as Tuesday Weld was a popular actress then.

From someone who prefers to remain anonymous: "My grandpa's name was John Oder, his son's name (my uncle) was also John Oder.

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No es la primera vez que la gente aparca el coche, imposibilitando el paso de peatones.

Es vergonzoso como esta la zona que hay bajo las escaleras del paseo que comienza en la Residencia Txara 1 de Intxaurrondo. Los indigentes que duermen bajo dichas escaleras, la gran mayoria...

En el polígono de Ventas abandonaron un remolque de un camión hace unos años.

They named one son Hiho and the other Quick (for real).

Felix Austead (feel exhausted) Mary Ann Bright Trina Corder (.25) Carrie Couture (caricature) Mike Czech (mic check) Joaquin De Flores (walkin' the floors) Marguerite De Ville (Margaritaville) Lindsay Doyle (linseed oil) Neil Dupre (kneel to pray) Emile Eaton (a meal eaten) Kristie Hannity (Christianity) Nina Levin (911) Ty Malone (time alone) Rosa Shore (rows ashore) Walt Smedley (waltz medley) Reed Toomey (read to me)Growing up, our next door neighbors were Larry and Sally Shade.

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