Santana dating brittany glee

16-Oct-2017 19:18

While Rachel and Finn are talking about what they did the night before (their attempts to have sex with Jesse and Santana, respectively) Brittany can be seen stretching on Artie in the background.

Brittany admits to Artie that she has feelings for him, even though she's using him to make Santana jealous and win the duet assignment Mr. At first, he's confused and cautious of her advances, but after Brittany explains that she just really wants to get him in a stroller even though at first she thought he was a robot and tells him she'd be his girlfriend, Artie accepts Brittany's offer.

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And so, just before Christmas, I meet Mairead Molloy.

The glee club members apologize to Carole and Burt for letting Finn down since they were placed second, thus losing their reigning Nationals Championship title; Carole and Burt, however, argue against this, saying that even though Finn would have been saddened by the loss, he would always find it in himself to stand up again.

Schuester does, Finn and the brlttany of the Glee Club begin a campaign to get Mr.

"The show's gotta go all over the place or something." ” —Finn Hudson, A Night of Neglect.

The Brittany-Santana Relationship. Brittany accidentally mentions that if sex were dating, she and Santana. Saturday Night Glee-ver Santana says that.… continue reading »

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