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14-Jun-2017 07:25

Exploring our creative landscape and history through interviews, critiques and re-appraisals, Braidwood celebrates contemporary artists (Sons & Daughters; Doug Johnstone; Alan Bissett) and revisits vintage works (Tutti Frutti; ; early Simple Minds).

The result is a compelling blog and an ace, enduring cultural resource.

When putting together this list, we weren’t necessarily looking for the biggest or the best-known cultural websites in Scotland.

We were looking for unique and interesting ideas, cleverly realised and lovingly maintained on the web.

However, that hasn’t limited Young’s enterprises to just self-promotion.

Similarly, we knocked out some great original ideas where the content was patchy or infrequently updated.

(KI) mag, My Monkfish is a delightful site run by Edinburgh blogger Hilster – a self-acclaimed 'number-cruncher' by day and gastronome by night who posts her own baking triumphs and reviews of restaurants.