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The light December snow falling outside, the large flakes kissing the leaded windowpanes. They were exquisite, all burgundy velvet with shimmering gold-thread fleurs-de-lis.The waxy mistletoe and the candlelit wreaths that-if she squinted her eyes just so-looked like explosions of gold. Her mother, a New Orleans native, loved fleurs-de-lis. The last one before her father started taking those extended business trips. Ariana had never taken the antique necklace off, as if it could somehow tie her to those happier times. " A drunk junior in a rumpled Betsey Johnson dress knocked into Ariana on the way to the bathroom, giggling and slurring and groping with her acne-scarred date.When Ariana was nine, her mother had given her a gorgeous gold fleur-de-lis necklace for Christmas. With a blink, Ariana returned to her body, and the sounds of the ballroom rushed her ears at full volume.The band was playing "All I Want for Christmas," and a girl let out a shrill shriek as her boyfriend lifted her off her feet and spun her around.

As she slowly approached her table, Ariana took a mental picture of her friends. She loved to watch them from afar, study their mannerisms, note their tics and gestures and habits.

They'd been a couple for more than a year, and she still marveled that he had -chosen her over all the other girls at Easton. "Buzzkill." Noelle offered the flask to Dash, but he waved it off. Her great-great-grandmother Jessica Billings had founded Billings House more than eighty years ago. It was lethally boring-even worse than when you get into your Emily Dickinson moods." Noelle rolled her dark eyes. Ariana gave Daniel a tight smile, her heart suddenly leaden in her chest. She and Daniel had long ago decided that they would lose their virginity to each other on their one-year anniversary. He won Firsts every semester, was captain of the lacrosse team and model-cute, and had already been accepted to Harvard early decision. Isobel whipped out her Sidekick and started texting, probably alerting the other students in the room to the main event unfolding at table one. "That's enough," Ariana said firmly, her cheeks flushed and heart racing.

"I have an early day tomorrow," he said, checking his thick silver watch. You are a saint, Dash Mc Cafferty," Paige Ryan said as Noelle handed her the flask instead. Paige, with her auburn curls and glass green eyes, was Billings. The girl who made even Noelle pause with uncertainty. A black-vested waiter silently reached over her shoulder, clearing plates and neatly laying dessert forks over fresh napkins. But when said anniversary had rolled around back in November, Ariana had chickened out. But the thought of having sex with him made her feel as if she'd swallowed a herd of elephants. Any girl would kill to be in her position, to have a boyfriend like -Daniel. She studied her napkin-white, silk, -Italian-until the feeling passed. "Daniel, stop," Ariana said quietly as Sergei stared at the floor. " Daniel asked, a condescending smile playing on his full lips. " "I think I'll go now," Sergei said, backing away from the table. "Just a second, buddy." With one quick motion, he lifted Sergei's camera over his head and started scrolling through the stored images. Daniel stared at her for a second, his eyes hard, angry, empty. "I think it's best if I keep it for now." The band switched to a slow song and the air suddenly smelled like hazelnut coffee. "You can't just take my camera." Daniel sat back down and cocked his head to the side. "I won't." Daniel's words should have sounded sweet and loving.

"I was beginning to think you'd nicked a bottle of Dash's contraband Cristal and gone streaking through the streets of Easton." Noelle took a sip of champagne from her crystal flute-the -champagne Dash had paid off the waiters to serve their table in lieu of sparkling cider, since alcohol was prohibited at school functions-and then took a bite of a chocolate-covered strawberry. During their hazing period at Billings, Noelle had helped Ariana through more than one crisis of confidence, while Ariana had helped Noelle refrain from telling off the older sisters on more than one occasion.

She was sure that neither of them would have made it through initiation without the other.The party she had circled in red on her social calendar three months ago and had been looking forward to every day since. How could she have forgotten how these events always put her on edge? Better make these last few minutes of invisibility count.But now that she was at the Winter Ball, watching all of Easton Academy mingle and chat and dance, all she wanted to do was go back to Billings House and be with her friends. Always made her feel hot and clenched and breathless. Taking a deep breath, Ariana let the sounds of laughter and clinking silverware fade into the recesses of her mind and watched the scene around her unfold like a movie on mute.She picked one of the decorative red and gold-wrapped boxes off the table and ran the ribbons between her fingernails until they curled. Several waiters brought out tartlets and crème brûlée on silver trays, filling the room with the scent of smoked apples and nutmeg. She glared at him and sopped up the spill with a napkin. On the first night of winter break, she's supposed to be meeting her boyfriend in Vermont, but an unexpected blizzard strands her on campus with bad-boy Thomas Pearson instead.

Feb 3, 2014. Emily Swan, Laura Bouwman, Maria Koelen, Noelle Aarts and Gert Jan Hiddink. In this presentation we analyze differences between the closings of chat sessions and calls, because this. Abstract Affective cues like humor, music, or sex can affect the impact of persuasive messages e.g. Hollander.… continue reading »

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In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Movie The Sound of Music, Louisa, Marta & Gretl stopped by the Chit-Chat Cafe'. Heather Menzies. Erin has transitioned from a child actor to a successful adult, in a very difficult industry, while avoiding all the pitfalls. Ms. Murphy has. My Adventures in The Alice Cooper Group… continue reading »

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