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"The extra warning provided by reflective tiqpe can help save a child's life." In addition to applying tape, V. More than 23 million bikes across the nation have been made safer with reflective tape by more than 8.000 V. Board contiooes, nest B U8PS-M0-140; Pabll8i Md Wednesdays, 3 138 Roaemont Road, Virginia Beach, VA. B«Mh Buitolin Beard In Vbt Ma Beach lft«BPiite4 f^Get Group Listed , jiie Virilnki Bok A Office of Pub Bc lafonnation ke^ lists of Virginia «e M^ civic leigues and orguuzatio Bs. April 29, Bndford Gowca, pianist, in Call 8^S1 for ticket information. Correspondents need not have any previous newspaper experience. The members also elected eight members to the Board The City of Virginia Beach has been notified by the Virginia Commission of Outdoor Recreation that it has been awarded 7,300 in Virginia Out- doors Funds for devdop- ment of Phase I of the Vin^nia Beach Bikeway. The of- fice has an annual budget exceeding 0,000 and pays its chief prosecutor be t w e en S44,000 and 162,000 a year. He is a 23 year Virginia Beach resident and a graduate of the University of North Carhna. He is author of "The Investigator m Court, Criminal and Investigative Handbook" (to be pubttshni by Me Graw-Hi U this year). Attorney Must Withstand Stress ^ Candidates Say Continued from Page 7 policeman cases, although I never realized it was a big a concern as it is. 23514 4t 10/28 VB In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Coun of the the 1st day of October, 1981. In addition, he has been active on many NSPA committees, including Federal Taxation and Education. w ' r r)\'- ' ' TFN NURSE - LPN - Ex Pfieaced, certified in Ct RK. 23452 m UKK^w* :»t»l Virglwa3w¥|i SMft»PFtpbp-T,191Bl 5 Events And Happenings . These fists are usc^; ai nuliaiiig lists for presidents to receive informatidtt on a d Q pay\ct, veakers available on dty services^ and the fil^. The all-afound • i^''» •'•' The KIIBwi R '^ * ^^''^ accomplishrd Irai'tor. *i ■»- -m.tjtmuii.^tvs^ij^imm,*^ 1 Morris" featuring mezz K-soprano lom Morris and pianist Whi Beleom. News, social, and other articles would be repor- ted by the correspondent. This S.2 mite bikeway will begin at the Farmers market/Princess Anne Park and end at Mt. The route will run through Princess Anne Park, along the boundary of Tide- water Community College through Green Run to thedinattr twi K^tk ran- cher with garage. itis^iui 21 CBAJt TER R EALTY i Mi MMi Mwssaiaaaa MMMa MM ■..i'.i\' i 6 Virginia Beach Sun, October 7, 1981 Evans Vs. I know in many cases \ saw a public perception that what the cops encountered was part of their job; after^they pick-up * badge and gun. Lee Roy Welch, Jr., Plaintiff, against Katheryn Lucille Welch, Defendant. On a state leve L Mirman was presi- dent, chairman of the board and chairman of the sute affairs committee for the accountants society of Virginia. Anne Virga is presently a student of Fine Ar U at Old Dominimi University. She has also studied privately with Estc Be Dapre and William B. Saie is a member of the Virginia Beach Arts Center and the Tidewater Association. CAHNATIOfr S 3/n THE POSEY PEDDLER FLORKT, INC 2104 F Measure House Road I. Han- k«ry took part in ribbon- cutting ceremonies, ac- cording to company President Dcwrig Ackcr- The white, wedge- shaped building, which houses the firm's offices, showroom, manufactur- ing plant, and warehouse, was designed by Solar One as a unique showcase of energy-efficient techni- ques and products. Sie has studied with Nerma Goodwin, Lee Brady, Charics Sc Mey and A. She has previously par- ticipated in the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show, the Neptune Festival Art Show and the Hi Utop Art Show, and she has exhibited and received an honorable mration in the art show of the Museum of the Albemarle. Scior- tino served in the Navy, 1946 through 1950, and was a spedal agent for the Federal Burean of In- vestigadon from 1961 through 1967. Virginia, 23455 TELEPHONE 464-4080 LAJDB: Are employee grievances in thf com- I'i ptloncy't offkc properly aired and E: By •grecment with the city manager, our em- ployeercomf under the city's grievance procedures.- J^dty has a fine inerit and l»'(Mnotion system; raises are given in stq in- S: Clerks and the office manager are, I believe, designated apptxat Bt* under the dty's plan, thus excluding them from the grievance procedure. It uses extensive insulation, orientation, solar oo Uec- tora, south facing wii K dows, ground water cooling, ventilation, in- sulated Aades and shut- ters, earth berming, and special construe ion techn- iques to conserve energy. "We felt the need to demonstrate dramatically how sotatf energy works, and the benefits it offers." Ackennan estimates the cost of utilities to heat, cool, light and provide hot water for the 12,000 square foot building will be lets pir year than far an average home of 0 siquarcffefei. 4T 10-14 INFANT CHILO CARE - Gnat Bridte Area, my hoa M.

This fear's festival elapsed 10 days, and was attended by well over half a million people. Tyler live at Qeek Walatlcai on the gfciuiids of Sherwood Forest. The luncheon will be held ht th« oveneers boast m the.plamation grounds. Sena- tor as we D ta a short term as Chanoe Uor of the Oo Oege of William and Mary, his idma mater. Instructor level courses will be (rffered for individuals who have previously completed Red Qxxs Training in these areas, but tot persons with no previous experience, basic level instruction will also be offend through separate dasses. Tbe trails there will stay open through the winter. Hk piayc lata, vfeftot center and the 64th Street boat ramp wi U remain open until November 30. Those who have bikes with defects "00 not be a Mewed«oepitrtinent, is program chairman for the event.' The annual seminar will be attended by represen- tatives of the seafood industry, state and federal control agencies, universities and research institutions from East and Gulf Coast states.^ The seminar, participants will hear discussions about ourent fird Mems aild^Aifiiri trends affecting the seafood industry.

Federal, state, and local officials who have enforcement and control reqwnsibilities over the growing, harvesting and distributing of seafood with describe the impact of en- vironmratal and sanitary regulations.

In ad- dition, they are used to refa citizens to a afpedflc group or prganizaticm. 5, Cl MLia Bg Lin, violinist, in redtal with Saadra Riven, pianist. For more information call The Sun at 486-3430, and ask about being a corres- pondent. / ^ Arts Officers Announced i^Bikeway Development At the annual meeting of the ^rginia Beach Arts Center, the members dected Liada Rawb of Virginia Beach as thek new imsident for 19^1-82. 1 know the officers bavc not cone to me for any assistance. ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of this suit is for the said plaintiff to ob- tain a divorce a vinculo matrimonii from the said defendant upon the grounds of desertion. A graduate of the Wharton School of Fiium- ce at the University of Pennsylvania, Mirman is accredited in accountancy and is enrolled to practice before the Internal Reveniif . ■..'Att A'.iiiwyf ^■iitf^-iriiitmi lillil ttdili ttiiiiiiiiiiiii i Miuiiiliiiiilflrilil ..