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A fitting end for one so fond of murder by fire, I suppose. This including assisting in his own restraint and offering some words of encouragement to the warden and his deputy: “Take your time; don’t be in a hurry.

In 1890, William Kemmler was convicted of violently murdering his common-law wife with a hatchet and sentenced to death via electric chair. Do it well; be sure everything is all right,” he said.

The heart-stopping potassium chloride was then injected, excruciatingly killing Steckel with a sensation described as “having your veins set on fire,” all while he was unable to move or react to indicate the kind of pain he was experiencing.However, capital punishment is intended to be humane—something it was not in his case.It began when Steckel knocked on twenty-nine year old Sandra Lee Long’s door and asked to use her phone.So, for those of you that might find yourself in such a position as to be forced to decide how you’re going to die, reflect for a moment on how some other people were helped from this world before you make the ultimate decision.

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Christopher Newton was a man with some pretty severe problems.

It seems petty, but when all you have in life are chess and seductive photographs of Macaulay Culkin, your mind begins to do strange things.