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Now, I personally avoid dressing my female characters in any of the slave-girl outfits, not because I think it’s wrong — I just think it’s uncreative.

If my character wears, for instance, the Slave Girl’s Bottoms, which are less than bikini bottoms, they will usually have a top that can be considered a dress with a mini-skirt.

Most are highly creative and some are geniuses at creating and portraying these characters that they’ve created. A few weeks back, I was an unwilling participant in a small incident that had one player screaming, “I will not take part in your rape fantasy!

And yes, some of these creative people like to be sexually explicit or extraordinarily violent in the stories they tell. What consenting adults do with their time is completely up to them (and none of my business). ” Again, while standing at the AFK rail, I got a whisper that I will paraphrase: “You feel the muzzle of a blaster at the middle of your back and a sudden hand wrapping around your mouth with a cloth filled with chloroform.” I didn’t even know how to respond to that, but apparently, the next person did because she’s the one who shouted and even called him out by name.

It’s weird that I have to tell some people this: Approach avatars as if there is an actual human on the other side . (It still doesn’t hurt to check yourself from time to time.) If you happen to be a victim of online sexual harassment, I don’t have answers for you, but I do know some people who do. Lindsey Doe is a practicing sexologist who also has a You Tube channel talking about her practice, and specifically, she has a video about her personal experience with harassment that we can apply to gamers’ experiences online along with resources for victims.

Thank you for allowing me to get a little preachy this week.

Although I know that my experience only scratches the surface of what a woman gamer goes through, even I can see that it’s a problem.

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"Everyone has a Darker side." The Hunters went from searching out Vampires and killing them to being just a small, Rebel group trying to free the Humans, one at a time. But regardless of its creativity, no outfit on an avatar is an invitation to make unwanted sexual advances toward a woman.As I mentioned before, no one knows automagically that I am a man behind my female avatar.Average roleplayers, like other regular gamers, are wonderful, stable human beings who like to create stories in a game universe.

Everyone has a wars began before the humans realized what was happening. Spats here and there, bar fights, murders. People just didn'.… continue reading »

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I can't stand "literate" RP. literate roleplay rulesIt was Greg Stafford's idea to simplify the rules eliminating such things as Strike Ranks and Hit Locations and issue. Roleplay for the Revelations path • Roleplay types can ponder from sweet/fluffy to gore Sloppy Seconds Manor is a literate, smut, master/slave, and alternative.… continue reading »

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The G&S Roleplay system, developed by Sombra Magic, was intended to be used as a trade system within Gor, hence the Gorean names for the. animated pixel sex, standing guard at the gate asking the rote battery of questions, or hopping about on knees greeting every free person within chat range.… continue reading »

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Nov 16, 2013. A list of possible AU's combined for your writing/roleplay/artistry convenience. Please note that they are not. Innocent x Experienced; Innocent x Innocent; Jealous x Friend; King/Queen x Common folk; Matchmade/Forced Relationship; Master x Pet/Slave. Colour Palettes - good reference to just get ideascontinue reading »

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Please I like this idea as a role play. New members welcome! catch-22 is an original roleplay site owned and created by admins Vixered, Sheep, and Fawnshy. •Do not control someone else's character. C Chat Rules. " I've compiled a list of basic rules for truly literate RP anRead Rule 1 Simple Words Don't Make You.… continue reading »

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