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Did you know that when your teenager texts "8," he -- or she -- is suggesting oral sex? "Some of these are absolutely hilarious," writes "First Cuts," who posted the link to the online aggregator site Digg. "I honestly have to say I have never seen most of these terms," says Sascha Segan of PC Magazine. That's according to a new list entitled "Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know," which is is making its way around the Internet and has caught the eye of some local TV news reporters. Many people who see the list wind up howling with laughter, since many of the terms are completely unknown to most people, teenaged or otherwise.One of Walker's favorite sites for parents, young adults, and teens who want more information on safe sex is, operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy."Try to help them understand how to be as healthy about their sexuality as possible," she said.DO share your family values"Don't be afraid to pass on what your own beliefs are and imparting what you think is appropriate," said Walker.The idea is that if you start talking early on, as your child gets older, talking about sex and its consequences will not be a taboo subject."Let's not wait till your 13-year-old is pregnant to have a conversation," said Moscicki.She also reassured parents that talking about sex does not make your kid want to have sex.

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CBS News asked a few experts for some do's and don'ts to help parents tackle the topic with their teens.

"There is a lot of literature that shows that."DO update your knowledge Parents need to be informed before they talk with their kids about sex, said Dr.