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14-Nov-2017 14:51

If you’re with AT&T, here’s how to spot the scam charges.In this example, we are finding a scam charge on our AT&T wireless bill (this tactic has been termed cramming).These unwanted messages are both annoying and time consuming.In some cases they can even be intrusive and time consuming.This is an official AT&T Short Code used to receive spam messages.Once you do so, you’ll receive the following message back: Reply with either the full number or Short Code of the sender.Tour wireless provider should have a process in place to enable you to get reimbursed for SMS spam messages you receive.In the case of AT&T, simply forward (on your i Phone, select the text message, hit the “edit” button at top right, select the message, and hit “Forward” at bottom right) the message to 7726‘€‹.

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This one, ironically, showed up shortly after we had done the digging into this issue for this article.

texting, data, etc.), then you’re probably being charged fraudulently by a spammer.