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He said: 'I didn't want to leave, I didn't have a choice.'Protesters blocked the road outside the Foreign Office chanting 'Free Jaggi Now' 'What do we want? Mr Singh's brother told the crowd: 'This is happening in India, a country that says there are very powerful. They have put the British government to their knees.

He was subject to third degree torture.'When you think about torture it hurts you.

Supporters also fear Mr Singh may die in police custody unless the government acts soon.

A huge crowd brought the road outside the Foreign Office to a standstill, holding placards emblazoned with Mr Singh's face and the slogan 'Free Jaggi Now'.

Protesters also demanded an independent medical examination of Mr Singh to verify the claims of third degree police torture.

They said they want a High Commission officer assigned to the case who with liaise with Scot's family and that Boris Johnson should reach out to his Indian counterpart demanding Mr Singh's immediate release.

Mr Johat was also forced to leave on November 9 over fears for his own safety.

He told how he learned his brother was taken by Indian police after his sister law phoned him from the country.

He said: 'I was shocked first of all with regards to charges and evidence - there wasn't any there.'The fact somebody has been detained that way, we live in 2017, what happened to a fair trial and human rights'He added: 'Being a British citizen and being told they can't help, being in the Sikh community is how we got to know about it.'The fact that he was abducted - he was taken away by people in plain clothes with a sack over his head.' More than 175 British MPs have expressed concern over the case.