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29-Nov-2017 12:56

It’s roughly my two-year anniversary with fly fishing, and to commemorate this event (the only anniversary I will ever remember, much to my boyfriend’s dismay), I wanted to write something about a topic close to my heart… Biology aside, we’re conditioned and treated differently, and everything around us perpetuates that distinction. If there is only one thing this recent #metoo movement has highlighted, it’s that women in the U. (I can’t speak for other cultures) have vastly different experiences of the world than men do (on average).Who do you see in advertisements and all over Instagram? I have, even in the two years I’ve been around this thing.Who do you see when you walk into any fly shop or in any guide’s boat? According to a study done by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, 31% of American fly anglers are women, and that’s the only demographic that’s seeing any growth.It’s a legit form of meditation, and casting is almost like yoga in the way the rod becomes an extension of your body.The fish we catch are treated with our utmost respect and care, and every time we go out we’re aiming to learn something more about our world.They are proud, driven, resourceful, generous people, but most of all they are .I’ve worked in a male-dominated field since I was out of high school and those kinds of fields generally invigorate and inspire me more than scare me off, but holy shit… I had no idea what to expect, but one thing I knew was that you better know SOMETHING (or at least be good enough at bullshitting) before you walk into a male-dominated…

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It’s a weekly event that’s held at a local bar where you learn how to tie flies.

I think part of that is due to efforts that have been made to make the sport more appealing to women, like Orvis’ 50/50 On the Water or Patagonia’s head-start on designing gear for women or Simms using more women in their advertising.

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