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Other parameters such as the altitude above sea level and latitude may also affect the intensity of the cosmic rays (see Prescott & Hutton, 1994).

Therefore, it is recommended to report the GPS coordinates of the sampling point.

L’enregistrement systématique des données de terrain concernant l’échantillonnage est donc essentiel pour la mise en œuvre de la méthode et l’obtention d’âges fiables.

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Both kinds of measurements should be done at a 30 cm horizontal depth within the targeted stratigraphical unit, in order to make sure that only the radioactivity of the sediment is recorded.

However, in the case of sites that are no longer excavated, the sample should be selected preferentially according its proximity to the preserved (available) sections.

The alpha contribution from the sediment or the external tissues in contact with the enamel can be easily suppressed in the laboratory by removing at least 20 µm from both sides of the enamel layer.

Equid teeth are also appropriate, although it should be taken into account that the porosity of the cement covering the external side of the enamel can lead to some issues regarding U-uptake modelling.

If these species are lacking from the faunal assemblage, smaller teeth, from species such as cervid and ovicaprid, can be collected, whereas carnivora teeth are usually not recommended, given their thin enamel layer; – the selected tooth should preferentially be well preserved, as previous studies show a direct correlation between fractures and diagenetic weaknesses in dental tissues and preferential migration of U-series elements (e.g.

This would indeed precludes an accurate reconstruction of the dose rate, as it is by definition based on the data collected from the present-day conditions; – if possible, the sample must be collected with its embedding sediment, from which U, Th and K contents will be measured in order to evaluate the beta dose rate received by the tooth.