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Coleman -- who insisted throughout that the tattoo was a mark of respect for her faith -- was later transferred to a detention centre before being deported.

Sri Lanka's Tourism Promotion Bureau paid for her return ticket to the UK, and expressed regret over the widely-publicised incident.

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Under the Prohibition of Ragging and other forms of Violence in Educational Institutions Act, No. The 2005 Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA) provides some protection.The PDVA allows victims of domestic violence (including rape and sexual assault) to request a protective order from a Magistrate’s Court that would limit contact between the perpetrator and the victim.5 of Sri Lanka’s Penal Code includes provisions that recognize custodial rape and gang rape as graver forms of rape.6 The Penal Code lists gang rape and custodial rape as aggravating circumstances for sentencing.20 of 1998, if a person causes sexual harassment while ragging any student or a member of the staff of an educational institution he or she will be given a minimum punishment of ten (10) years and may also be ordered to pay compensation of an amount determined by court.

Grave Sexual Abuse 25 Adults – Grave sexual abuse is a criminal offence under Section 365B of the Penal Code (Amendment) Act, No 22 of 1995 and includes all sexual acts without consent that do not come within the definition of rape.

Punishment may include rigorous imprisonment for no less than 7 years and not exceeding 20 years.