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That being said, in early 2014 I decided that if I can’t beat technology, I might as well join it.I was feeling settled and happy in my own skin, and I decided that it was time to take my first foray into the world of online dating.I can wholeheartedly vouch for the success of this option, with all guys I went on a date with telling me that they appreciated my honesty prior to meeting up, and if they were successful in securing a second date, telling me that Googling spina bifida is scary!Regardless of how you go about this initial disclosure (or lack of disclosure), the real fun and games begins when you start going out on dates with the individuals you have been talking to.Here are 24 struggles of online dating that are old as Internet time. Anyone can take one great profile picture -- especially if said picture is 5 years old. You have to face the fact that you may be the only person on Earth who doesn't find "running together" to be romantic. Whether you're Latina, Asian or have a lot of tattoos, your identity is ripe for being openly fetishized online. You will virtually run into at least 15 coworkers while swiping through Tinder -- and probably accidentally match with at least one of them. For women who sleep with men you're like, "Why the f**k are you talking about your dick? When you realize the bar your date suggested meeting at is a 45-minute commute from your home.

But, when presented only with the results of a Google search, it can be off-putting for an individual who knows no better!Sharing your disability status candidly with your potential date leaves you wide open to being asked a whole variety of questions ranging from the sensible to the downright weird: I have heard them all!The topic of disability can certainly bring out the weird folk.This is where you start to get to know the person properly, and as with all people trying to find a significant other, get to know the nittier grittier aspects of a person’s character.

I have been fortunate to meet some truly lovely guys who have been kind, gentle and funny, who although we were not meant to be, showed me a really good time and treated me kindly.

This is where our story picks up, and I will go on to share a few of the lessons I learned throughout this process while sharing a few of the funnier and more shocking experiences. I began my online dating adventure with Plenty of Fish and Tinder and I must admit, it was an eye opener!