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We were college sweethearts, we’d been together for forever, so we were much deeper and further along than [anyone on] the show. There’s no catch at the end of our show, there’s no million dollars, there’s not even a promise. Our show, at the end of it, is two people making a choice — it just comes down to free will. With our show, there’s a girl or a guy up on this podium, and as a producer, you sit there, we have no control over the end of our show. You can really relate to everybody, or somebody on the show.We’ve all been dumped, we’ve all been with the bad guy we tried to fix, or the girl who was just pretty but had no substance, or whatever.He has hosted “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” since they premiered more than a decade ago.Over the years, he’s seen a Bachelor propose to a woman, then change his mind on live TV during the post-season special and choose another woman.

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It’s all very much a guy who thinks a lot about himself and wants to control every situation and doesn’t understand why people are upset with him.

And also because it affected our cast and our crew, what You mentioned something a second ago, our show feels so raw and so real, and I think we are one of the, if not the, best shows at really allowing true moments to happen. He’s pretty much the star, so other shows could have edited him or protected him and made him seem better than he was, or worse than he was.