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12-Jan-2017 14:25

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But in business it’s “far more likely to have someone senior or in HR tell you it's really a bad idea to date subordinates,” he added.) Herman A.Berliner, former provost at Hofstra University, said he pushed hard to establish the institution's policy prohibiting romantic relationships between employees and students where a supervisory or evaluative relationship exists.The policy doesn’t ban these relationships outright but says that romances “between employees in which one has direct or indirect authority over the other are always potentially problematic.This includes not only relationships between supervisors and their staff, but also between senior faculty and junior faculty, faculty and both academic and nonacademic staff, and so forth.” The policy says that where such a relationship develops, the person with greater authority must recuse himself or herself from matters involving a romantic partner to ensure “that he/she does not exercise any supervisory or evaluative function over the other person in the relationship.” Where such recusal is required, the recusing party must also notify a supervisor, department chair, dean or human resources manager, so that person can ensure adequate alternative supervisory or evaluative arrangements are put in place.With the changing scope of federal regulations and increased scrutiny regarding sexual assault and harassment on college campuses, more and more institutions are strongly discouraging and even banning consensual romantic relationships between students and faculty members.But what about faculty-faculty relationships, or faculty-administrator relationships?

He said most institutions are “very sensitive to power relationships” and “also keenly aware that university communities can be home to many complicated personal relationships.” So they’re also aware of the problems that can arise when those two concerns mix.This policy applies to all officers of instruction, research and the libraries, including student officers of instruction and research and graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants.You may read and download the policy in its entirety here: No staff member at Columbia should participate in supervision, employment actions, evaluation, advising or mentoring any Columbia University student with whom that staff member has or has had a consensual romantic or sexual relationship, except in unusual circumstances.Hofstra also has a policy in which an employee can’t supervise a faculty member when they are in a relationship.

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Policy notwithstanding, it's "very hard to prohibit personal relationships, especially between colleagues," he said.In the event that a personal relationship of this kind does exist in a supervisory, advisory or mentoring context, the supervisor must disclose the relationship and initiate arrangements to address any issues of conflict of interest.A staff member who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.But there’s no formal policy regarding unmarried couples.