Updating a hacked psp

22-Apr-2017 10:04

Download OFW 6.60 here and extract it onto the root of your memory card, choose to merge the folders if necessary and you should end up with an EBOOT. Run the 6.60 updater from your PSP and let it do its work.

Regardless of which hardware revision you have, go ahead and copy the PROUPDATE into the PSPGAME directory on your memory card.

It’s worth pointing out that you can stop here if you like.

We will be using Davee’s 6.61 Infinity to enable a permanent CFW hack on our machine.

Download the Infinity installer from Davee’s website, as well as the 6.31 and 6.61 OFW from the relevant links below based on your hardware: Unzip the Infinity files and you will find two folders called FLASHER and MAKER inside – copy these to the PSPGAME folder on your memory card. Then copy these two files into the MAKER folder on your memory card.

There have been several iterations of the PSP hardware over the years, and there are some differences in what kind of CFW you can get running on each.

Clicking the picture will take you to an excellent resource listing all the different motherboard revisions and what CFW they are compatible with.

This will wipe it clean, change it to the correct file system, and set up the default folder directories.