Updating an old couch

07-Nov-2017 11:43

Rough up the surface of the furniture with 120-grit sandpaper so that the paint will stick.

Clean it thoroughly with a damp, lint-free cloth, making sure you remove all dust and particles from the corners. Prime the surface with a layer of water-based primer.

Don’t put too much pressure on the foam roller, or you’ll get roll marks all over your paint finish.

Touch up your work with a dry foam brush to pick up any excess drips of paint before they dry.

It will make the ceiling glow and provide more ambient light," says Doty Horn, director of color and design for Benjamin Moore.4. Darkening or bleaching them can make a living room look completely different," suggests designer Chris Madden.5. Always look for the unusual," advises Tracy Haukoos, visual merchandiser for Pier 1.

If you frugal shoppers are anything like me, you probably have a pile of hand-me-down furniture from your parents, siblings, in-laws, or college roommates.

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Let the primer dry according to the instructions on the can.Our hutch was made of particle-board with a veneer, but was sturdy enough to last another few years, making it a good choice for painting.Make sure you put down a drop cloth or newspaper under your piece.Place it near an entrance or wherever you want to extend your space," says Elizabeth Miller, vice president of design at Karastan. That will give your room a fresh, unique look," says Leatrice Isenan, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.2.

"Rather than use a large sofa, place four oversize chairs around a coffee table for an intimate seating arrangement," recommends Tracy Haukoos, visual merchandiser for Pier 1.3.If you’ve got a piece of old furniture that you can’t stand the look of anymore, consider repainting it for a cheap (or free) home décor update.Not every piece of furniture is a good candidate for repainting.Most of the pieces are hand-me-downs from the in-laws, and we’re definitely grateful for these sturdy, well-made pieces of furniture.

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