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A team from VBA’s Office of Field Operations worked with the RMC to develop the concept for centralizing compensation-related FOIA and Privacy Act requests.

A pilot was conducted with five stations from March to June 2014, and the nation’s workload was fully transitioned to the RMC by March 2015.

I submitted documents to my S1 to get added to my ERB and PPW three months ago but for some reason, my S1 has not updated my records.

I could have made cut-off for promotion twice if my records were updated on time.

Providing specialized services in a digital environment with direct services to Veterans, their families and Survivors, as well as continuing to provide value to internal VA partners in support of VBA’s claims processing goals.Over time, the RMC’s holdings grew to include more than seven million paper records, roughly half of which are inactive claim folders relocated from VBA Regional Offices (ROs), the other half consisting of “stand-alone” (i.e. Between 1966-2012, the RMC matured as VBA’s primary resource for managing paper records.The VA Liaison Office (VALO) was established in 1999 to liaison with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for personnel and medical records, and service information from military records in NPRC’s custody.In 2012, VBA made significant strides toward a long-held goal of converting its compensation claim processing to a paperless environment.