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22-Feb-2018 13:58

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The Forge makes creating new projects quick and simple. Integration with the widely used and universally loved package manager (created by the F# community) Paket allows for easy management of application dependencies, with none of the headaches of trying use Nu Get with a version control system. NET build tools, FAKE (also created by the F# community) lets you run build targets within the comfort of the Atom Editor and Visual Studio Code. You can download it here We also recomend installing . If you’re interested in how Ionide functions within VS Code, checkout the VS Code Getting Started Documentation Don’t hesitate to ask questions using the following channels, or to submit a pull request!

The Git Hub pages for each plugin are good place to ask questions, find answers, and report issues.

Commits are always made against your local Git repository, so you don’t have to worry about the commit being perfect or ready to share with others.

You can make more commits as you continue to work, and push the changes to others when they are ready to be shared. Git commits consists of the following- Staging changes allows you to selectively add certain files to a commit while passing over the changes made in other files.

Use branch policies and pull requests instead of locking if you just want to ensure that changes in a branch are reviewed before they are merged.

Locking does not prevent cloning of a repo or fetching updates made in the branch into your local repo.

Locking is ideal for preventing new changes that might conflict with an important merge or to place a branch into a read-only state.When you use history to compare versions, think in terms of file changes between two commits instead of file changes between two points in time.A recent change to a file in the master branch may have come from a commit created two weeks ago in a feature branch but was only merged yesterday.When you make changes to your files, Git will record the changes in the local repository.