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27-Sep-2017 15:23

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Here’s how to get your first build in your repository in 3 simple steps: Step 1 Click the Pipelines icon, then click Start using Pipelines to access our language templates.

Note: Pipelines won’t work with an empty repository so you’ll need to add at least one file to get Pipelines building.

Modern software development practices like CI/CD and Dev Ops help the whole team be responsible for code quality.

However, success in this environment depends on important information being accessible to everyone, instantly.

We went back and forth on limitations and compromises while exploring the concept during Ship It, Atlassian’s well known hackathon.

From there it then entered the development pipeline because even the worst compromise we’d found, potentially losing customization of the toolbar,wasn’t enough to deter 70 % of respondents to a quick Twitter survey.

You only need to visit Bitbucket Cloud to dive into the specific logs for a run, and even that’s just a simple click away.

We also decided to focus only on the primary windows a user interacts with rather than focusing on all windows and sheets throughout the app as it exponentially increases the size and scope of such a feature.

Bitbucket Pipelines empowers these teams to build, test, and deploy their code directly within Bitbucket Cloud, and it was a natural fit to bring that all important information into Sourcetree for mac OS.

We’ve removed the context switch or two away from your workflow to see a build’s status within Bitbucket Cloud’s UI, and brought it from right where you commit.

Our discussions focused on what limitations and compromises we wished to take, ranging from the use of color (black or tones thereof? ), how much content was themed, and deciding on how much custom UI to implement versus what options were available out of the box.

With the goal of offering the best user experience possible without saddling us with additional overhead in the future, we ultimately chose to use custom colors (midnight blue tones in this case) throughout, while maintaining all existing functionality with minimal custom UI.It’s a first for any Git or Mercurial client and we’re excited to share the fruits of our labor.With modern software development practices, like CI/CD or Dev Ops where everyone is responsible for code quality, it’s important that information is easily accessible to everyone.To greater awareness into your builds with the beta of our integration with Bitbucket Pipelines.