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15-Jan-2017 23:14

To deal with this the Hyper-V time synchronization integration service detects whenever it has come back from a saved state or snapshot, and corrects the time.

Hyper-V provides the time synchronization integration services to do this for you.Instead they read the time from this clock once (when they boot) and then they use their own internal routines to calculate how much time has passed.The problem is that these internal routines make assumptions about how the underlying hardware behaves (how frequently interrupts are delivered, etc…) and these assumptions do not account for the fact that things are different inside a virtual machine.The fact that multiple virtual machines need to be scheduled to run on the same physical hardware invariably results in minor differences in these underlying systems.

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The net result of this is that time appears to drift inside of virtual machines.

This includes the time calculated by the guest operating system.

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