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series – Tom died in 2013 by the way, so we're not sure how much input he actually had on this one – is the first to go open-world and sets you loose in a huge Boliva run by a drug kingpin with awesome tattoos, named El Sueno. #Ghost Recon #Tom Clancy A post shared by Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (@ghostrecon_us) on Your quartet of Ghosts are tasked with infiltrating the various ranks of the coke trade's sniffy glitterati (drugerati? Expect a colourful selection of targets featuring everything from the cocaine-funded equivalent of musician Pitbull to a selfie-obsessed assassin.

El Sueno is confident that the future of the Wildlands belongs to the Santa Blanca Cartel.

Of the 7,924 girls that applied, 45 passed the first round of auditions, detailed screening of the application documents.

Finally, only 24 girls were chosen to be in the group.

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In July 2005, renowned producer Akimoto Yasushi held an audition for a new theater based idol girl group.But steaming through an endless line of ridiculous drug kingpins in a big world with an even bigger arsenal is intoxicating fun that'll keep you coming back for another hit.Just pick the right squad, or you'll become a literal ghost pretty quickly.When missions go awry and you have to 'go loud' and maim everyone around you while desperately trying to shoot down helicopters with your grenade launcher, it's chaos.