Validating email address format php

03-Jun-2017 22:02

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Most of these PHP snippet websites contained crappy regex examples that will actually reject valid email addresses.

If you want to validate email addresses in PHP, then you can make use of the filter_var function. However, the regex that filter_var uses is far more complex (and informed) than the vast majority of examples that you will find floating around the Internet.

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FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL will erroneously balk at email addresses with long domain names (64 characters or more), and at email addresses with escaped characters (such as "me\"").Example code: Compare the code above to this example that I found on another article and you’ll find that FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL is a lot more accurate when it comes to the email specifications set down in RFC 822: I can tell that the code above is inadequate just by looking at it.If you look at any of the regex examples that attempt to stay true to RFC 822, you’ll see that they are about 1000 times longer than the regex that is used in the above code.Another popular approach is to not validate email addresses at all.

Because even the regex behind filter_var has its limitations, a lot of people are of the opinion that you should validate via a link that is sent out to the user’s email.But please keep this copyright notice." solutions have false negatives (especially with all of the newer TLDs).Instead, it's better to make sure the address has all of the required parts of an email address (user, "@" symbol, and domain), then verify that the domain itself exists.Most of them are far too simple and ill-equipped to adequately deal with something as complex as an email address.