Validating resources

16-May-2017 21:20

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You can also use your CCR to help you prepare for your interviews, to help you write your cover letter, resume, personal statement, and applications. After you validate students, you may notice in your “Pending” cue some requests that were not approved when you uploaded your list.Verify that those students did not participate in the opportunity or meet the validation requirements.Check off the box next to the student request, then select “Decline Selected”.If you have any questions about validating your students, please contact [email protected] can request approval for opportunities in the CCR portal.

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When you add canonical urls of Structure Definitions to this list, Vonk will: So in the example above, Vonk will only allow resources that conform to either the DAF Patient profile or the DAF Allergy Intolerance profile.

If you receive a request from a student who has not participated in the opportunity or failed to meet the validation requirements, check off the box next to the student request and select "Decline Selected." If you choose to send an email, the student will receive the following message: We are sorry to report that your CCR activity validation request was denied because it did not meet all validation requirements.