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Green trained at Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy in Calgary and appeared as Daniel Bryan's physiotherapist Megan Miller last August, who claimed to have had a storyline affair with Bryan.

She talked about being at RAW and meeting Hulk Hogan backstage. "He's very huge." - Add actor Ed O'Neill () to the list of people calling out CM Punk for his UFC debut via Twitter, which you can check out below.

While the tweet is clearly tongue-in-cheek, O'Neill is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and has been training for over 22 years under Rorion Gracie, who is one of the founders of the UFC.

, Alicia Fox discusses the beginning of her WWE career, growing up seeing her mother abused, her struggle with dating, how it felt becoming the first and only African American Diva's Champion, her past relationship with Wade Barrett and more.

It was the first time that I for whatever reason my mind saw myself and my sister screaming out that window from above in a very weird meditated state.

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It was just very violent and a very bad kind of night. During the interview, Fox noted how excited she was to be joining the cast with close friends Paige and Rosa Mendes.She also revealed that she is single and that Mendes has been trying to set her up on dates.I felt very insecure about when I had an opinion about something or even when it comes to putting a match together, even speaking about what I know from the experience I've pulled because I've been in the locker room with a lot of greats.

Alicia Fox is Uncomfortable With Bad News Barrett. Alicia Fox tries to confront Wade Barrett. Alicia Fox confronts Rosa Mendes.… continue reading »

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Alicia Fox Talks Her Relationship Status, Wrestler Getting WWE. the cast with close friends Paige and Rosa Mendes. open to dating and being.… continue reading »

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Wrestling news! wade alicia fox dating jack swagger is jonathan toews dating anyone barrett victoria crawford more. Match but when rosa mendes rumored to england to.… continue reading »

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Alicia Fox On Dating Wade Barrett, Why She Is Sometimes Embarrassed About Her Career, Total Divas. Rosa Mendes' First Indie Show.… continue reading »

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