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It had a huge impact on the work of other Greek potters both on the mainland and the islands, until 1425 BCE when Crete was conquered by the Myceneans. It was during this time that the 'light-on-dark' style was replaced by the 'dark-on-light' style.The new idiom, which initially appeared on miniature vessels for which Corinth was famous, was known as Proto-Corinthian.It featured a wider repertory of motifs, including curvilinear designs, as well as a range of fantastic composite creatures - sphinxes, griffins, sirens, and chimeras - typically arranged in friezes across the width of the pottery vessel or vase, with lotus flowers and palmettes acting as subsidiary ornament.

Although the Myceneans tried to copy the free-flowing imagery of the Minoans, their efforts were more stilted and less life-like than the originals, although they were mass-produced in large quantities and exported to many neighbouring countries.

It appeared in Sumer at the same time, but Sumerian society advanced more quickly than that of Aegean countries: as a result, Mesopotamian art became the leading producer of fine pottery. At the same time, the patterns became more complex and extended to all areas of the vessel.