Which circuit city stores are liquidating

06-Aug-2017 19:58

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Laptop computers were also in high demand, said Miguel Hernandez, Glendale store manager.Today's sales were up 25% compared with most days, and the store had four times as many customers as normal for a Saturday, Hernandez said."We have a long line inside the store," he said.Lower than average holiday sales results pulled down even top-performing stores and pretty much put the final nail in the coffin. Finance, Circuit City said in court papers it has appointed Great American Group LLC, Hudson Capital Partners LLC, SB Capital Group LLC and Tiger Capital Group LLC as liquidators.

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One retail Circuit City landlord said the liquidation was at least somewhat anticipated."Liquidation means they'd terminate their lease, which would mean we'd have the space back to re-market it," said Mark Chait, director of Florida leasing at Benderson Development Co.A steady stream of customers had been lining up outside since the store opened at 10 a.m., said store director Jesse Alcaraz. Some called friends to pass on the word about the sale.Inside, the atmosphere was busy but not hectic, as customers mostly flocked to TVs and browsed bins of marked-down Play Station and X-Box games. By 5 p.m., the Circuit City in Glendale was running low on popular merchandise, having sold out some television monitors.The screenwriter from Los Feliz -- and first-time Circuit City shopper -- stood in line for 40 minutes for a chance to snag a 46-inch LCD television on sale."I'm waiting to trample someone to death," he joked.

The scene outside the store looked very similar to that on Black Friday, Lobel said.Circuit City moved into 20,000 square feet of a new Benderson retail offering late last year, one of a number of anchor tenants in the developer's 380,000-square-foot center on Cooper Creek Boulevard, north of University Parkway.Other anchors include Fit 2 Run, Le Roy Selmon's Restaurant, Bonefish Grill, Total Wine and BJ's Wholesale Club."It's tremendous space they have," Chait said."This is a train wreck of a consumer economy."Davidowitz predicts that discounters like Wal-Mart Stores Inc.