Who is dating martin lawrence

16-Mar-2017 12:44

Martin and Tisha history led to the creation of "Martin and Gina" for the TV Show Martin.

That project was successful until both stars decided to have a life outside of work, and Martin didn't take it too well.

Since their romance began this summer, she has often gone the extra mile to meet Martin on his turf.

RELATED: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s Family-Friendly Dinner “In the beginning, they would spend almost equal time in the Beverly Hills-West Hollywood area and Malibu,” another source says.

“Lately, they have mostly been spending time at his Malibu house, which means she has to drive back and forth” – about a 90-minute commute.

But she’s about to get kicks off a promotional blitz with a world premiere in London on Nov. Paltrow, meanwhile, recently heaped praise on her ex, calling him “father of the year” at a gala for the AIDS charity amf AR on Thursday.

This gave her the excuse she needed to end the show and focus on her music.

Also, there was a rumor floating around about affairs and stalker cases. It's no secret that Martin and Tisha had history stemming from their work together in the "House Party" Movies.

He just needs a girlfriend that return happiness in his personal life. He has five other siblings, four elder and one younger than him.

I was a kid when it came on, so I didn't understand why the show disappeared.

Martin Lawrence had a crush on Tisha and when he realized they would never be, he married a woman who reminded him of her - Patricia Southhall.… continue reading »

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