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25-Aug-2017 04:25

and I got that book _The Game, _and researched those kind of guys. They're like psychologically manipulating women into sleeping with them. Like, those guys probably wouldn't get laid if they didn't have their weirdo tricks, but it feels kind of wrong and misogynistic.

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It's like, "well, I'm an ugly nerdy magician. I have to psychologically manipulate women into giving me attention." Which I guess you could argue any man is doing on some level. Thank _God _I started doing standup, because I would be a virgin if I hadn't.

We quizzed him on whether or not he thinks he's well suited to play a Tinder Lothario, as well as had him answer some real-life dating questions from readers...despite his reluctance. I've curiously looked at OKCupid, but I've never pulled the trigger. I just feel like you're not going to feel like you're attracted to the person through their picture.

Jul 6, 2016. Eric′s agency, E&J Entertainment stated on July 6, "Eric and Seo Hyun Jin′s dating rumors are impossible. It is not the truth." They added, "We are shocked. The rumors are impossible." Eric′s close friend also revealed to reporters, "It is true that Eric became close to Seo Hyun Jin through filming for the.… continue reading »

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