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01-May-2017 07:41

He was the Coors distributor for New Mexico and left a reported 5 million fortune. In 1981, the Maloof boys rode the Rockets’ run to the NBA Finals, which ended with a 4-2 best-of-7 series loss to the Boston Celtics.

Gavin Maloof remembers the first round of that magical playoff run.

Joe Maloof said his family has known Bettman since 1978, when he worked in the NBA as a former senior vice president and general counsel.

Maloof, as he enjoys doing, was in full-bore, animated story­telling mode during a recent lunch at the Four Seasons on the Strip.In the past few weeks, they’ve hit everything from a youth hockey league in Spring Valley and a Chicago-themed sports bar in the southern valley to the Italian-American club on Las Vegas’ east side.“It’s great to have the Maloofs back in the sports scene,” said Southern Highlands developer Garry Goett, a hockey fan who has paid 14 season ticket deposits and hosted a fan gathering last week at the Southern Highlands Country Club.(David Becker/Las Vegas Review-Journal)Joe Maloof speaks at the Southern Highlands Golf Club on Monday, Feb. Maloof and his brother, Gavin, have been touring Las Vegas talking with hockey fans attempting to convince them to sign up for season ticket deposits to bring the NHL to Las Vegas.