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15-Nov-2017 06:42

Where Tommy Robinson brought up “Muslim grooming gangs” and linked to a video about violent crime and sexual assault with the tweet: “Anyone wondering what it’s like for English people growing up in towns with large Muslim communities then watch here”, Allen brought up her own experience as a counterpoint to the idea that it’s dark-skinned men and their insatiable sexual appetites and uncontrollable violence who threaten the good white women of the United Kingdom.

Sometimes, in some conversations, it is still necessary to say: “Yes, white men can be rapists too (and not just in cases where the women basically made them do it by wearing short skirts or drinking alcohol or venturing outside the house at night.)” It’s no secret that the same people who try to justify their racism against refugees and immigrants with the “Muslim men raping our white women” narrative are often happy to turn a blind eye when the perpetrators of sexual assault are white men.

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Apparently, pre-Lily, Jopling and Taylor-Wood let everyone know that their split was going to be so friendly that they'd continue living under the same million roof in London until the details were sorted out.Sam was livid because it really upset Angelica (their 11-year old daughter).She is at an age where she reads the papers and it was awful for her to have to go to school the next day. She had suspected that Jay was seeing people but she thought he would honour their agreement.In disturbing scenes, the 31-year-old Smile singer vomited and had to be carried off unconscious after slumping to the ground.

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Mum-of-two Lily had embarked on a marathon booze session at London’s Notting Hill Carnival before rolling a suspicious-looking cigarette.

The last time Lily Allen prompted a Twitter storm and a media outcry across the tabloids was when she “apologised on behalf of England” to a young refugee in the Calais Jungle, tearfully telling a 13-year-old boy from Afghanistan that she felt guilty because “the English in particular have put you in danger”.

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