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'The actress is currently starring in Showtime's hit series Billions alongside British superstar Damian Lewis.The blonde beauty plays Lara Axelrod, the wife of slightly manic whizz financier Bobby 'Ax' Axelrod in the show, which addresses the world of high finance and insider trading.She is happy to admit that sex appeal is one of her best assets but says, ‘I think that being beautiful is a blessing and a curse.I tend to get a lot of scripts in which people want me to play the trophy wife, which is frustrating because I want the interesting, meaty roles.’ , have set male pulses racing, giving her a colossal global fan base as ‘hottest chick on the planet’.Last January, Malin opened up to People magazine about the split, revealing her 'roll with the punches' attitude to life. I roll with the punches and ultimately it's like, 'Where is the opportunity in this? Like, oh my God, I get to have so much special time with my son now.'But she added that any new man in her life would have to compete with her child for attention.

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There’s a scene in which I am upside down with Ben on top of me. I love to make people laugh and I’m not self-conscious.’Given her flair for broad, physical comedy, it’s not surprising that critics are calling Malin the new Cameron Diaz.'But I definitely want a wide range of films, which I feel maybe she hasn’t had – she does mostly romantic comedies.’ Which is perhaps why Malin is now breaking her own mould by playing a Lycra-clad warrior in the superhero blockbuster .Meeting Malin over breakfast in Beverly Hills, you quickly realise that she has little in common with her contemporaries. The actress announced her happy news on Friday, sharing a picture of herself with British actor boyfriend Jack Donnelly.